Sound insulation Boiler / Boiler room

Sound insulation of a swimming pool filter pump in a plant room

A customer from France, sent us the following report on sound insulation of a swimming pool filter pump in a plant room:

With the swimming pool filter pump running, a high noise level was reached inside the plant room. A lot of this noise was also audible outside. Lining a large part of the interior walls of the relatively small plant room with 50 mm thick soni WAVE sound absorption panels has substantially reduced the noise level. The soni WAVE acoustic foam panels were easy to fix to the wall using the soniflex special adhesive included in the order.

The result: The undulated surface of the soni WAVE acoustic foam panels absorbs most of the noise emitted by the swimming pool filter pump. Outside of the plant room, the noise is hardly audible anymore.

Noise reduction in a basement boiler room

That’s what Mr. P. from Kaiserslautern writes about installing sound absorption panels in a boiler room:

The installation of sound-absorbing soni WAVE acoustic foam panels on the ceiling of our basement boiler room has led to a substantial reduction of the noise from the boiler. The soni WAVE 30-mm noise reduction panels with self-adhesive rear face are perfectly suited for self-adhesive fixation on a smooth concrete ceiling.

As the soni WAVE panels on the ceiling reduce the noise level in the boiler room, considerably less noise is transmitted to the living space on the floor above.

In addition to covering the ceiling with sound-absorbing soni WAVE acoustic foam panels we had a sound insulation housing built around the heat pump in the boiler room. The inside of the housing is also lined with soni WAVE sound absorption material in order to achieve noise reduction right at the source.

The two noise reduction measures – which, by the way, are easy to carry out by skilled laypeople – now ensure optimum noise insulation of our boiler room.