Sound insulate doors or roller shutter casings

Sound proofing of a door

That’s what Mr. K. from Neuhofen, Germany, told us about his doorsound-proofing project:

The problem: The door of the home cinema / music room in the basement of an apartment building needed to be sound-proofed to protect the neighbors.

The solution: A layer of 32-mm thick soni COMPOSITE sound-proofing panels glued on the door leaf in conjunction with additional sealing tape applied between door leaf and door frame, as recommended by soniflex, produced a very goodsound-proofing result. Now I can enjoy watching movies in my home cinema without any danger of annoying my neighbors - they don’t hear a thing anymore.

The edges of the sound-proofing panels are cut with extreme precision so that there is no need to cover or hide the joints: The surface looks seamless as is. And I was even able to do without the additional mechanical fixation recommended by soniflex – the self-adhesive backing of the panels was sufficient. I just cleaned the door surface with a general household cleaner before applying the panels, that was all.

Sound proofing of an unused interior door

One client used soniflex material for sound proofing an interior door. Here’s his report:

I used soni PROTECT R 50 mm sound protection panels to acoustically insulate an unused door in our rental apartment. The objective was to reduce the amount of noise transmitted from the kitchen on one side of the door to the bedroom on the other side. As we live in a historic building and it's a rental anyway, we needed a sound protection material that would be easy to install and remove without damaging the door or the door frame.

So I decided to cover the door with a double layer of soni PROTECT R noise reduction panels wedged in the door frame. To do this, I prepared two panels of slightly larger dimensions than the door frame and glued them together using soniflex special adhesive. Then I simply pushed the double layer into the door frame. The noise protection panels are easy to cut with a carpet knife. The entire sound-proofing project took hardly any time at all. And the result was so much better than expected: The door is now totally sound-proof. To hide the door and the sound insulation material, we simply placed a cupboard in front of it.

I am totally satisfied with the noise protection material and the result. And I really appreciated the help of the very knowledge and friendly soniflex consultants, who provided me with great advice on the phone. Such excellent customer service is rare these days. Thank you.