Sound insulating Heat Pumps

Sound-proofing an outdoor heat pump

A customer from Germany bought our material for a sound-deadening wall around an outdoor heat pump. Here’s his report

For a sound-proofing wall that I wanted to build around my outdoor heat pump I bought 50-mm thick soni RESIST UV sound insulation panels.

Delivery was very quick and the soni RESIST UV are easy to work with. They can be cut very precisely with a sharp carpet knife. After cutting, I used screws to fix the sound-deadening sheets to aluminum panels.

To achieve better force distribution, I used very large washers.I am very satisfied with the result of the sound protection measure. The sound emission of the heat pump has been substantially reduced even though the sound-deadening walls are only installed on three sides.

Only if standing right in front of the heat pump you can still hear it, but the neighbors will hear practically nothing anymore.

I recommend soni RESIST UV sound-proofing panels without restrictions, especially for outdoor applications.

A big thank-you for your very friendly and competent telephone support and the fast delivery by postal service.


Sound-deadening enclosure for a heat pump

Mr. M. from Aalen, Germany, used our material in a sound insulation enclosure for an air-source heat pump. Here’s what he told us about the project:

As my son complained that the noise made by our heat pump interfered with his sleep at night, I borrowed a sound level meter. The measurement revealed that in the vicinity of the heat pump the noise level reached values of more than 50 dB!

So I started looking for sound protection solutions. The soniflex team suggested building a sound-deadening enclosure lined on the inside with black soni RESIST UV acoustic foam panels, which combine a sound-deadening with a sound-insulating effect. The inside of the side walls is covered in 50-mm thick soni RESIST UV sound protection sheets, the ceiling with the same material. I built the enclosure myself. After the installation of the sound-deadening enclosure we measured the noise level at the same spot again: a reduction by more than 10 dB!

So building the sound-proofing enclosure for the heat pump brought excellent results! The soni RESIST UV acoustic foam tiles were very easy to cut to measure and install. My expectations have been fully met.

Sound insulation hood for sound-proofing a swimming-pool heat pump

After having a sound insulation hood with our material installed to sound-proof a swimming-pool heat pump, Mr. D. from Eichstätt, Germany, sent us the following report:

Following the detailed advice of the soniflex team we had our swimming-pool heat pump equipped with a sound insulation hood to reduce the noise level. The sound-deadening effect of the hood is excellent. The sound-proofing hood was tailored exactly to the heat pump’s dimensions by BayerDesign in Gaimersheim. It is built from of PVC foam panels; the inner surfaces are covered with 25-mm thick soni RESIST sound-proofing panels.

The structural frame is made from stainless steel and can be adjusted for height differences. Except for the left-hand side with its air-inlet perforation, all inner surfaces including the rear wall are lined with soni RESIST acoustic foam panels. 

The sound-proofing hood of our swimming-pool heat pump was made to measure by BayerDesign (