Sound insulation Machines or Compressors

Chiller noise control

After the successful acoustic insulation of a chiller, customer S. from Bad Dürrheim, Germany, wrote:

The problem: The noise caused by the chiller in the storage room was a nuisance in the living quarters above the butcher’s shop. When installing the chiller, we had already made sure to have it acoustically decoupled from the floor so as to prevent solid-borne noise transmission as far as possible. But we also needed to do something to reduce the air-borne noise which was still too loud to be tolerable.

The solution: The installation of soni WAVE sound absorption foam panels on the ceiling of the chiller room has led to a substantial reduction of the sound pressure level. This proved to be a perfect secondary sound protection measurebecause it prevents the transmission of the air-borne noise caused by the chiller through the ceiling to the living quarters.

Sound insulation of an air compressor

The automobile detailing company E. in Freiburg, Germany, tells us what they did to sound-proof an air-compressor:

Our air-compressor emitted so much noise that it was impossible for our employees to work right next to it. For this reason we built a solid-wood enclosure for the compressor. Then we lined the interior surfaces of the enclosure with the acoustically highly effective noise absorption foam soni WAVE 50 mm, with self-adhesive rear face. The soni WAVEacoustic foam panels were easy to cut to size using an ordinary carpet knife. For installation, we removed the protective film from the self-adhesive layer on the rear face and then secured the fitted pieces on the corresponding surface areas. In conjunction with the solid wood of the enclosure, the soni WAVE sound protection panels now ensure optimum acoustic insulation of our air compressor.

Sound insulation of a machine

A company based in Kirchberg, Germany, told us about how they achieved effective sound insulation of a machine:

As the noise level in our factory was much too high, we needed to implement sound protection measures. We covered the interior surfaces of the housing of an especially noisy saw with 50-mm thick soni RESIST acoustic panels without self-adhesive rear face. This achieved a double effect: sound absorption and sound insulation. After the installation of the sound protection panels, the machine was much less noisy. The audible noise was reduced to a fraction of its former level.