Noise reduction Restaurant or Hotel

Noise control in gastronomic establishments

The following report reached us about a noise reduction measure in a breakfast room:

Whenever all tables in our breakfast room were taken, the unbearably high noise level made it next to impossible to keep up a relaxed conversation. We were repeatedly asked by guests to take this noise problem seriously and find out about effective sound protection measures as soon as possible. The sound protection measures suggested by soniflex were not only perfectly tailored to our problem, but also truly affordable and easy to implement. We decided in favor of white soni PROTECT F acoustic panels of 30 mm thickness. We can recommend these acoustic panels without restriction for noise control applications in the restaurant business because they fulfill the B1 fire safety standard (flame-retardant) as mandatory for use in the hospitality industry. Using thesoniflex special adhesive included in the order, we fixed the soni PROTECT F sound absorber panels directly to the ceiling. Mounting the panels was totally easy, the adhesive is very good and the panels stayed put right away.

This simple sound protection measure has considerably reduced the reverberation level in our basement breakfast room. The acoustic panels now absorb much of the noise. The noise level is much lower now and our guests can have their breakfast in a quiet, pleasant ambiance.

The soniflex staff was very helpful. The noise protection solutions they recommended were specifically tailored to our problem.

We really appreciated the friendly and knowledgeable advice on how to implement noise control in a gastronomic establishment. Our heartfelt thanks for the great help!