Semi-detached house / Row house

Sound-proofing a row house/semi-detached house

The B. family from Hamburg (Germany) reports on their experiences with sound-proofing a semi-detached house:

The wall between our half of the house and our neighbors’ half is only about 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 inches) thick and not sound-proofed. On one side of the wall is our living room, on the other side our neighbors’ bedroom. Already prior to moving into the house we realized that noise passed easily through the thin wall between the two house halves.

The customer consultants at soniflex suggested that we use curtain wall to sound-proof the partition wall.

Based on the in-depth advice provided by soniflex per e-mail, we ordered 10 m² (about 110 square feet) of soni COMPOSITE noise protection panels and glued these to wall, which we had smoothed out with smoothing compound beforehand. The self-adhesive on the panels’ rear face worked just perfectly! Then we used screws of a length of 6 cm (2.5 inch) to mount a framework of wooden slats over the sound insulation panels all along the wall. Then we fixed plaster wallboards on this framework, which made it possible to achieve an almost perfectly aligned curtain wall.

We smoothed out the installed wallboards with a suitable compound. The gaps at the outer edges were closed with white acrylic putty from the building supplies store. After a curing time of 24 hours, we applied another coat of smoothing compound to ensure a perfectly level substrate for the coat of paint. We are VERY pleased with the result.

1. This sound insulation measure proved just as effective as we had hoped. Thanks to the curtain walling and the sound absorber panels, noise transmission between the two parts of the house has been reduced to a minimum! Now we can sit and talk – or party – in our living room until late at night without interfering with our neighbors' sleep. With the sound-proofing panels installed, no noise gets through the wall anymore!

2. We are very pleased with the high quality of the sound insulation material, as well as with the soniflex team's in-depth advice, which was exactly tailored to our problem. As we could rely on skilled helpers, implementing the suggested sound-proofing measure was really easy.