Sound Insulation Hood / Enclosure

Noise insulation of a machine housing

After the successful sound deadening of a machine housing, our customer, a company from Germany, reports:

During the test run of a validation machine prior to customer acceptance, there were complaints about the high noise level that the machine produced when running. The machine’s metal housing provided no protection against the noise of the machine’s drive. On the contrary, the cover was vibrating too.

To dampen the solid-borne noise carried by the metal housing and reduce the overall noise level at the same time, the customer lined the inside of the metal housing with soni COMPOSITE 32 mm sound-deadening panels. The heavy layer of these sound protection panels stops the vibration of the metal housing while the layer of sound absorber foam substantially reduces the noise level. As there wasn't enough space to cover the entire interior surface with 30 mm panels, 10 mm thick sound-deadening panels available as special offer at the time were installed wherever there was not enough room for 30 mm panels.

Lining the interior of the machine housing with sound protection panels led to a significant decrease in the noise level produced by the machine. Cutting and handling the panels was very easy. The self-adhesive backing works perfectly for installation on metal surfaces.

Sound insulation of a chimney enclosure

Following the successful acoustic insulation of a chimney enclosure, one customer from Hamburg writes:

The noise problem: The chimney of our holiday home rises right through the main bedroom. The noise from the gas heating system (hissing of the burner and drone of the circulation pumps) was transmitted by the flue tube to the bedroom, to the displeasure of our guests.

The noise reduction solution: Creation of a special sound insulation enclosure for the chimney.

We dismantled the existing enclosure made of 9 mm thick plaster wallboards. First we installed felt strips for acoustic decoupling, then we fixed (glued) sound-deadening panels from soniflex soni PROTECT white 50 mm, then available as manufacturing seconds to the outside of the chimney.

When all panels had been installed, we closed the gaps with acrylic compound and secured them with joint tape. As a last step we covered the soni PROTECT noise reduction panels with plaster wall boards, creating a smooth substrate for painting or wallpapering.

Thanks to this sound reduction measure, the noise from the heating system is not audible in the bedroom anymore.

Sound insulation hood for a hammer mill

A company in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, used our soni WAVE sound protection foam in a sound insulation hood. Here’s what they told us about the project:

We lined the sound insulation enclosure of a hammer mill with soni WAVE 50 mm sound absorption panels. For the reliable fixation of the panels, we used soniflex special adhesive. The noise reduction measure was as effective as we had hoped.


Sound deadening of a test bench

After sound-proofing a cavitation test bench with soniflex material, the Department of Materials Sciences at a German University reports:

To reduce the noise of a cavitation test bench, we lined the machine’s housing with soni WAVE sound absorber material. Ultrasonic test benches like this one emit very unpleasant high-frequency noise. So some type of acoustic insulation was needed. Now that the housing is lined with soni WAVE noise protection panels, the high-pitched noises are hardly audible anymore when the housing doors are closed.

Cutting and installing the soni WAVE acoustic foam panels was really easy – and we are absolutely satisfied with the sound-insulation and sound-attenuation result achieved by this simple measure.