Sound insulation of Vehicles

Our recommendation for soundproofing a car or vehicle:
If there are any openings between motor compartment and passenger compartment, we recommend sealing them, because even small gaps will cancel out the sound insulation effect to a considerable degree.

Sound insulation of a vehicle/ car/ motor

One of our clients tells us about sound-proofing his car:

For the sound insulation of the motor compartment of a Caterham Super Seven, the acoustic panels soni WAVE, 30 mm, without self-adhesive rear face, were applied to the inside of the car body in the motor compartment.

The result: Very satisfactory!!

Note: soni WAVE is resistant against cold and heat from -40°C to +100°C.

Sound-proofing of a vehicle

Mr. K. from Grein, Austria, used our material to sound-proof his vehicle’s interior. Here’s what he told us:

To sound-proof the interior of my car I bought 50-mm thick soni WAVE sound absorbing panels and installed them on different surfaces inside the vehicle. The sound absorber foam with its undulated surface attenuates any sounds and reduces the noise level inside the vehicle to a point where it is perfectly comfortable.

Sound-deadening of a boat engine

Mr. R. from Frankfurt writes about his experiences with sound-deadening a boat engine:

In the scope of the complete overhaul of my 40-year old cabin cruiser I replaced the inefficient four-cylinder engine with a Mercedes-built diesel engine.

My biggest worry was how to sound-proof the engine because the only thing separating it from the driver's cabin was a maintenance access cover. So I built an accurately fitting engine cover out of 16-mm plywood and lined the entire engine compartment as well as the cover with soni WAVE sound insulation panels 50 mm not self-adhesive.

To fix the material on the wood, I used soniflex special adhesive. The sound-insulation panels were very easy to cut with an ordinary carpet knife or a handsaw.

Diesel engines are known to cause quite a lot of noise in a rather unpleasant frequency range. I was positively surprised how much of the noise the soniflex noise control panels managed to absorb.

At the moment, the boat with the sound-proofed engine still sits on a trailer in the boathouse. A friend, with whom I shared the sound-deadening material ordered from soniflex, told me that the noise level would be further reduced once the boat was in the water.

I am truly impressed with the effectiveness of your soni WAVE sound insulation panels in sound-proofing a boat engineand will gladly recommend your product.