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You would like to enjoy a significant noise reduction in individual rooms and are looking for the right solution? Then soniflex is the right place for you. Soundproofing mats are available in different sizes as well as made from different materials. They can be easily fixed to walls and ceilings, and can be cut to size individually with a simple cutter knife.

Soundproofing mats for different use

Sound insulation mats can be used for different applicatios. At soniflex, you will find soundproofing mats for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, there are self-adhesive sound insulation mats as well as versions which are glued on with our soniflex SPECIAL ADHESIVE.
Cartridge / Set of 6 or 12 cartridges: cartridge of 310 ml
Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is an ideal adhesive for spot and full-surface fixation of sound-insulation materials and acoustic elements made of open-cell foam, especially melamine and PUR foams. The solvent-free, stable soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE provides excellent adherence to typical building materials, such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood. With the elastoplastic, single-component polymer adhesive, our open-cell foam panels can be glued directly to the wall or ceiling. Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is available in 310-ml-cartridges, in sets of 6 or 12 cartridges. Please note: soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is not suitable for PE foams such as soni RESIST. Keep out of reach of children!

Color: black | Thickness: 32 mm
Order your soundproofing panel from soniflex soni COMPOSITE is a combination product made from our synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and an acoustic foam laminated with a decorative felt layer. This ideal combination ensures a twofold noise-control effect: sound absorption plus sound insulation – for especially high overall effectiveness in reducing the noise level. Applications for soni COMPOSITE soni COMPOSITE is particularly suitable for sound-transmission insulation. Mounted on the wall towards the neighbor’s apartment or behind a so-called curtail wall, for instance, our two-layer acoustic product achieves a noticeable noise reduction. For individual design options, you have the choice of various felt colors. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni COMPOSITE to the required size and shape. The self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid.

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)

soni EVA
Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk) | Thickness: 1.5 mm
soni EVA is a soft, elastic heavy layer on the basis of EPDM/EVA polymers with an admixture of flame-retardant minerals. Our soni EVA heavy layer is suitable specifically for technical applications, vehicles and machinery. It is designed to eliminate vibrations and drumming of sheet metal and metal parts. Applied to a metal structure, soni EVA will effectively reduce the sound level and prevent the transmission of noise and vibration. For soni EVA, the optional self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid. In the case of installation on a vertical surface or on a ceiling, we recommend additional mechanical fixation. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€27.80* / 1 m²)

Color: white | Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk) | Thickness: 25 mm
Ordering acoustic panels from soniflex Our soni RESIST noise protection panel consists of closed-cell polyethylene foam with both sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties. Its closed-cell structure makes soni RESIST especially suitable for applications where it may come into contact with moisture or humidity. The extremely robust and impact-resistant sound-insulation material does not constitute a medium for microorganism growth and can be wet-cleaned if necessary. soni RESIST is flame-retardant according to DIN 4102, as proven under B1 test conditions. Therefore the product is an excellent noise-control solution wherever you need to reduce the sound level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations. The use of soni RESIST The optional self-adhesive rear face facilitates the installation of the panels. When mounted overhead or on uneven surfaces, (additional) mechanical fixation is required.

Content: 0.5 m² (€35.80* / 1 m²)


soni PROTECT R soundproofing mat

The soni PROTECT R sound insulation mat is made of recycled melamine foam and impresses with its excellent sound insulation values. The soundproofing mat is mounted behind a curtain wall. This reduces the resonances that occur. The sound insulation of the affected wall, partition or ceiling is enormous, so that the noise pollution from neighbors as well as from various ambient noises is significantly reduced.

Soundproofing mat soni COMPOSITE

The soni COMPOSITE acoustic sheet is also one of our particularly effective sound insulation mats. It is the perfect combination of synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and a special and very effective acoustic foam, which also has a decorative felt layer. Thanks to the perfect combinatio of the materials, this soundproofing mat gives you an enormous sound-absorbing and sound-insulating effect, so you can enjoy a particularly high noise reduction. This self-adhesive soundproofing mat is particularly suitable for soundproofing ceilings and walls. It is possible to mount the sheet directly onto the wall facing the neighbor as well as behind a curtain wall. Do you also want to set color accents? That's no problem with the soni COMPOSITE sound insulation mat. You have the choice of various felt colors.

Soundproofing mats for outdoor use

We also offer sound insulation mats for outdoor use, so that you do not have to do without peace and quiet in the garden. Children, noisy neighbors, traffic on the streets or compressors, a heat pump or the pool pump often cause loud noises that can quickly disturb. With our soni EVA or soni RESIST soundproofing mats, you have the perfect sound insulation for technical areas as well as for enclosures in the garden. The soni RESIST soundproofing mat brings with it both a sound-insulating and sound-absorbing effect, and even contact with moisture or humidity is no problem thanks to its closed-cell structure. For outdoor use, we recommend the non-self-adhesive soundproofing mats.  
For outdoor use, we recommend the non-self-adhesive soundproofing mats.
Do you have any questions about our sound insulation mats? Then please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to help you with advice and support.