Environment & Sustainability

As a family-owned company, we attach high importance to responsible and conservation-minded resources use. Therefore, the issues of environmental protection, health and sustainability play a prominent role in our corporate targets.


In recent years, our particular focus has been on saving energy. We have implemented successful measures that help significantly reduce energy consumption in our company:

  • We heat our new facility in Ochsenhausen primarily with recovered heat.
  • We produce approximately 600,000 kWh of clean solar power per year with our photovoltaic system.
  • We apply a system for active energy management.
  • We conduct energy audits as per DIN 16247-1 to continuously improve our energy footprint.
  • We have installed sensor-controlled lighting in our office buildings, for energy-efficient and on-demand illumination.

Waste Prevention & Recycling

We use efficient nesting calculation across different articles in order to minimize production waste. Still, in trimming and cutting processes, production scraps cannot be totally eliminated. However, we do everything to systematically recycle any scraps where possible and use them for new, highly efficient noise control products:

Our products based on non-wovens are made from up to 60 % recycled fibers, mainly former PET bottles, and are fully recyclable:
  • soni COMFORT & soni COMFORT F
  • soni COMFORT SD
  • soni COLOR
  • soni COLOR RD
  • soni COLOR Design
  • soni CIRCLE
  • soni HEXAGON
  • soni ELEMENT