Noise absorbers with structured surface

Napped or egg crate foams as well as pyramid-profiled foams are the best known acoustic foam materials and rightly considered as very good sound absorbers. Their structured surface ensures excellent absorption values across all frequency bands.

soni WAVE is a noise-control product made from a structured PUR-ester foam. In contrast to standard napped foam materials, it has an air-permeable, sealed surface (special Cello® process) that provides dirt resistance and makes soni WAVE oil-, water- and fuel-repellent. Thanks to its robust structure and excellent noise absorption capability, the egg box foam soni WAVE is especially suited for technical applications.

soni PYRAMIDE is an outstanding sound absorber made from a soft open-cell melamine resin foam (Basotect ®). With their surface sculpted in a pyramid pattern, soni PYRAMIDE panels score with especially high noise absorption capability and excellent fire safety properties (flame retardant as proven by the B1 test according to DIN 4102.) Its visually attractive surface and low weight add to the advantages of soni PYRAMIDE as a decorative and effective pyramid acoustic foam that shortens the reverberation time and substantially improves the acoustic conditions in indoor spaces.

soni PYRAMIDE panels are available in white and light gray.
Cartridge / Set of 6 or 12 cartridges: cartridge of 310 ml
Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is an ideal adhesive for spot and full-surface fixation of sound-insulation materials and acoustic elements made of open-cell foam, especially melamine and PUR foams. The solvent-free, stable soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE provides excellent adherence to typical building materials, such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood. With the elastoplastic, single-component polymer adhesive, our open-cell foam panels can be glued directly to the wall or ceiling. Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is available in 310-ml-cartridges, in sets of 6 or 12 cartridges. Please note: soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is not suitable for PE foams such as soni RESIST. Keep out of reach of children!

Color: white
Our pyramid-profiled foam soni PYRAMIDE is a highly efficient noise-control product made from open-cell melamine foam (Basotect®). soni PYRAMIDE scores with exceptional sound-absorption properties and a visually very attractive surface design. soni PYRAMIDE meets the fire safety standards DIN EN ISO 13501 and DIN 4102 (flame-retardant) as required for the construction industry. This means that you can use soni PYRAMIDE acoustic panels as wall and ceiling liners wherever you need to reduce the noise level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations. soni PYRAMIDE is highly resistant to aging, free of mineral fibers and physiologically safe. Especially in recording studios, soni PYRAMIDE is a preferred wall-mounted sound absorber. Please note: We do not recommend soni PYRAMIDE for use on wall areas that are liable to be hit or touched, as the sound insulation panels are sensitive to mechanical stress.  soni PYRAMIDE is easy to cut to the desired size and shape with a carpet knife. For glue fixation we recommend our soniflex SPECIAL ADHESIVE. For all cases where the noise-control material is not to be applied directly to the surface, our foam spirals can be used as a practical alternative for suspension from the ceiling. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)

Variants from €24.89*
soni WAVE
Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk) | Thickness: 30 mm
Order egg-crate foam from soniflex Our soni WAVE egg crate acoustic foam is a highly effective noise-control product made from PUR-foam with a structured “egg-crate” surface. The sealed but air-permeable surface (patented process) absorbs sound waves effectively and is also reliably oil-, water- and fuel-repellent. Uses of soni WAVE The visually attractive wave structure of the surface ensures excellent absorption values in all frequency bands. With its robust structure and excellent noise-absorption capability, soni WAVE is a unique kind of napped acoustic foam that is especially suited to technical applications, for instance in noise-control enclosures for machines. Its excellent absorption values and its characteristic profiled surface make it also very popular for use in recording studios and music rehearsal rooms. soni WAVE egg crate acoustic foam is easy to cut to the desired shape with a carpet knife. The low weight as well as the optional self-adhesive rear face make for easy and time-saving installation of the material. For fixing the non self-adhesive version of our soni WAVE panels, we recommend our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE

Content: 0.5 m² (€23.80* / 1 m²)



On request, nearly all our products can be delivered with self-adhesive rear faces, enabling easy, clean and time-saving installation – perfect for retrofit applications in rooms that are already in use.

Noise control

Thanks to their open-cell structure, our noise protection materials absorb sound waves and effectively attenuate bothering noise. A satisfactory result can already be achieved by lining 30 to 50 % of the ceiling and wall surfaces.

Fire protection

Many of our noise-control products are classified as flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13501. Please contact your local authorities in advance for information about the required fire protection class.

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