Acoustic soni PICTURE posters - in a stylish aluminum frame

Our acoustic posters are sound absorbers of a very special kind, because with soni PICTURE rooms can be decorated and acoustically optimize at the same time.

soni PICTURE scores with a very good sound-absorption capacity and is perfect for use wherever a noise-control solution is needed that is both very effective and visually attractive.

The acoustic product consists of a highly effective acoustic material, soni COMFORT, which is concealed behind a printed textile covering and inserted into a tension frame profile. As an alternative, we can also equip the frame with a high-quality felt cover in the latest trend colors.

The stylish wrap-around aluminum frame has a depth of 40 mm and is simply installed on the wall by means of pre-mounted hooks. The standard frame dimensions are 1000 x 500 mm.

This ideal combination of sound-absorbing layer and printed textile adds a tasteful decorative touch to your room while creating a perceptibly less noisy and hence more pleasant atmosphere at the same time.

Perfect for use in:
• offices and administrative buildings
• daycare centers, kindergartens, schools
• call centers, open-plan offices
• hotel lobbies
• buildings of bank and assurance companies
• waiting areas
Optimize your rooms acoustically and add decorative touches at the same time.
soni COLOR Deluxe
Color: sand
soni COLOR Deluxe is our sound absorber for especially high demands on design and style. It consists of a high-quality, elegant aluminum frame, a white sound-absorbing polyester non-woven layer and a felt cover layer in modern trend colors. This makes soni COLOR Deluxe a unique design element for your wall surfaces because it provides not only effective sound reduction but also enhances the stylish and contemporary look of your rooms.The highly sound-absorbing polyester non-woven inserted into the aluminum frame is flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 and hence fulfils the B1 fire standard required for the construction industry. The visually appealing felt layer is hard-wearing and color-fast and can be replaced at any time if desired.soni COLOR Deluxe is as easy to install on a wall as a picture frame. This means that our elegant sound absorber can be installed in rooms that are already in use and will immediately contribute to a more pleasant and quiet ambience.

Content: 0.5 m² (€391.80* / 1 m²)

soni PICTURE move 5
soni PICTURE move 5 from our art-line series is an exclusive wall art composition consisting of five high-quality textile prints.Each part of the ensemble is backed with a highly effective sound absorber material and inserted in a stylish aluminum frame.This ideal combination of an exclusive motif* from the art-line series and an integrated sound absorber will add a decorative element to any room while contributing to optimized acoustic conditioning at the same time. The classy wrap-around aluminum frame has a depth of 40 mm and is equipped for easy wall installation using a pre-mounted hook.soni PICTURE move 5 excels with a very good sound absorption capacity.This makes soni Picture move a unique design element for your wall surfaces and perfect for use wherever a noise-control solution is needed that is both highly effective and visually attractive. The art-line series has been developed for: • offices and administrative buildings • hotel lobbies • buildings of bank and assurance companies • call centers, open-plan offices • waiting areas • private homes • restaurants, cafés and bars *exclusively available from soniflex. Artist: Steffen Dietze



On request, nearly all our products can be delivered with self-adhesive rear faces, enabling easy, clean and time-saving installation – perfect for retrofit applications in rooms that are already in use.

Noise control

Thanks to their open-cell structure, our noise protection materials absorb sound waves and effectively attenuate bothering noise. A satisfactory result can already be achieved by lining 30 to 50 % of the ceiling and wall surfaces.

Fire protection

Many of our noise-control products are classified as flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13501. Please contact your local authorities in advance for information about the required fire protection class.

Applications for

Office | Callcenter
Hospitality facility | Lunchroom
Living space | Staircase