Code of conduct 

Ever since the company’s foundation in 1963, Cellofoam GmbH & Co. KG has combined entrepreneurship and ethical principles in all its business activities. Our products are manufactured in Europe, and for us it is a matter of course to comply with all European standards, laws and regulations. We are convinced that economic and ethical principles are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, besides innovative high-quality products and a strong customer focus, these principles are the basis for the company’s long-term success. Our Code of Conduct, which you will find in attachment, sets down our shared values that govern our decisions and conduct in our daily interactions with employees, business partners and authorities. 

1. Fundamental priciples of corporate governance

1.1 Compliance with the Law

As owner-managed medium sized company, Cellofoam is committed to conducting all business in full accordance with the law and in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility. The company complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it is doing business. For us, full compliance with the applicable laws in these countries is only the minimum requirement for all our actions and transactions.

1.2 Ethical Values

Beyond full compliance with the law, the internal and external relations of Cellofoam are governed by universally accepted ethical values and principles such as transparency, fairness, integrity, equal rights, sustainability and respect for human dignity. 

 2. Scope of application

The present Code of Conduct is a binding framework for the conduct of staff and management at Cellofoam GmbH & Co. KG, Cellofoam International GmbH & Co. KG and Cellofoam Germany GmbH & Co. KG and all offices and manufacturing facilities of the company. We also expect our suppliers to commit to and comply with an equivalent code of conduct. 

 3. Guiding principles

3.1 Fair Competition

Cellofoam owes its success to its outstanding performance, excellent products and fair competitive practices. We will never resort to unethical or illegal business practices. The company embraces the principles of fair competition and is prepared to face the resulting challenges. We comply with all anti-trust laws and regulations. Unlawful agreements on prices or other terms and conditions with competitors are against our corporate governance principles.

3.2 Avoidance of Conflicting Interests

Cellofoam management and staff take care to avoid any personal dependency on or obligations towards the company’s customers and suppliers. Employees may not accept or grant gifts or other advantages that can be reasonably expected to potentially impact the business decisions of those involved. The company will not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. 

3.3 Confidentiality

Cellofoam management and staff treat all operative and business secrets of its business partners and of the company itself with full confidentiality. No such secrets will be passed on to third parties without due authorization. We also take care to protect our own intellectual property rights and respect those of our partners and third parties.

3.4 Environmental conservation

Cellofoam is committed to the goals of environmental protection and acts in an ecologically responsible manner in order to preserve the available natural resources. In this context the company endeavors to introduce sustainable manufacturing methods.

3.5 Health and Safety at Work

Our compliance with all regulations on occupational health and safety protects the health and safety of our employees. Periodic trainings and briefings ensure that all employees are familiar with the safety provisions applying to their work environment. This helps prevent work accidents and injuries.

3.6 Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity

The company strictly rejects any form of discrimination when recruiting and for any other staff-related decisions. This applies in particular to unequal or unfair treatment on the basis of a person’s ethnic or national origin, gender, age, skin color, religion or beliefs, disability or any other characteristics protected under anti-discrimination laws. We do not tolerate any form of physical or psychological violence at the company.

3.7 Labor Standards

Cellofoam complies with all applicable employment laws and labor agreements. We adhere to all applicable rules and agreements on working hours and breaks. Cellofoam pays fair wages/salaries and complies with the laws on minimum wages of each country where it operates. The company rejects child labor and any form of forced labor and will neither practice nor condone such practices.

3.8 Privacy Protection

Cellofoam understands the importance and sensitivity of data privacy issues. The collection, processing, use or disclosure of personal data is only admissible if and insofar as required for the achievement of those lawful purposes that have been defined and clearly stated in advance. 

 4. Adherence to the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is made accessible in readily comprehensible language. Cellofoam employees of all hierarchical levels are obliged to accept, observe and promote the principles set down in this Code of Conduct.