How to measure room acoustics with the help of the soniflex app

With this free app you can use your cell phone to measure the sound reverberation in your room(s) in just a few easy steps. The app helps you to determine how much sound-absorbing material you will need to optimize the acoustics in your room and create a pleasant atmosphere free of annoying noise reverberation.

How to use soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE for mounting sound absorber materials

Here we show you how to properly install your soniflex sound-proofing panels, whether self-adhesive or in combination with the soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE.

How to sound-proof a compressor with soni RESIST Box elements

This video shows you how easy it is to build a compressor enclosure from specially designed soniflex material. The identical “puzzle pieces” of our soni RESIST Box can be added as needed to create a perfect fit for your compressor. Simply put the parts together to build a self-supporting box that can be slipped over the compressor.

How to build a curtain wall with soniflex insulation material

This video shows you how to effectively noise-insulate a wall to a neighboring room or apartment. Thanks to the curtain wall construction, the wall space can be used without restrictions afterwards. The acoustic insulation material used is soni COMPOSITE.

Image video: Noisy office?

In this video we show you how to reduce the noise level in your office and create a pleasant working environment. It is really easy - with acoustic products from soniflex! Perfectly suitable for law firms, open-plan offices, waiting areas, schools, restaurants - and also your home office. Get to know the stylish soniflex products, from movable walls to cool cubes and trendy acoustic elements.