The soniflex Room Acoustics Measurement app

With this app you can determine the reverberation level in your rooms in just a few steps. On the basis of the results the app will calculate the quantity of sound-absorbing material you need to optimize the acoustics of the room and create a pleasant atmosphere - without any disturbing reverberation.

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And how is this supposed to work?

  • In the first step, you select the room type and enter the dimensions of your room.
  • In the next step, you place your smartphone at four different measuring points in the room and clap your hands at each position. The reverberation time is calculated accordingly and displayed to you in a chart.
  • In the last step, you can select different acoustic absorbers that you would like to use in your room. The app will show you the required amount.
  • Once you have made your selection, you will be redirected to your product selection in our webshop in a final step and can complete the order there.

Why room acoustics should be measured and improved

Speech intelligibility, ambient quality and productivity – there are a whole range of reasons why an acoustic measurement aimed at improving room acoustics will make sense. In private, professional and public environments alike. Acoustic optimization makes it easier to follow conversations as well as giving announcements and presentations. While in private environments the main aim is a pleasant atmosphere, optimized acoustics are simply essential in offices, schools, universities and other public facilities.

Room acoustics measurements will help you identify and ultimately eliminate bothersome noise sources in a targeted manner. Our app makes it easy for you to measure the reverberation time in the room - and choose among the solutions suggested by soniflex on the basis of these data. The strategic distribution of effective noise control products within the room will go a long way in combating stress and fatigue.

In all kinds of working environments, removing a noise source will lead to greater employee satisfaction and increased productivity. A quiet environment with balanced acoustic characteristics promotes concentration and efficiency. In facilities such as offices and libraries, for example, it can be particularly important to measure – and then optimize – room acoustics.

Also for rooms where music or audio content plays a role – such as home cinemas, recording studios or concert halls – excellent acoustic conditions are of the essence. This is the only way to guarantee the best possible sound quality for loudspeakers and microphones.

From the aesthetic point of view, improved room acoustics are a crucial prerequisite. But they also have positive effects in terms of comfort and well-being, making places such as restaurants, hotels and living spaces more pleasant and inviting. What is more, professional acoustic design can also increase the value of a property: High-quality room acoustics are an increasingly appreciated factor in the evaluation of residential and commercial spaces.

Actually, in some building types, legal requirements may apply, depending on location and use. Public or commercial buildings must meet defined acoustic standards before they can be opened to the public. In these cases, measuring the room acoustics is indispensable when it comes to ensuring that legal regulations are complied with.

Investing in optimized room acoustics has extensive benefits since it helps create a pleasant, healthy and effective environment. As the requirements in respect to reverberation time may vary (e.g. different frequencies, standing waves etc.), measuring the actual conditions will provide an important parameter for effective acoustic optimization.

The app is available for free now:

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