Sandwich panels for especially effective noise control

Sandwich panels combine several layers for optimum acoustic effectiveness.

soni COMPOSITE is a combination product consisting of a robust PUR-based acoustic foam laminated with a textile (black, light grey or sand-colored at your choice) and our soni EVA 3-01 synthetic heavy layer. This ideal combination provides soni COMPOSITE with very good noise control effectiveness in terms of both sound insulation and sound attenuation (= sound absorption). Its oil- and water-repellent and mechanically highly robust surface layer turns soni COMPOSITE into a universally suitable product for all applications that require a substantial reduction of the sound level plus efficient sound insulation.

The self-adhesive rear face ensures that the heavy layer securely and durably adheres to the entire supporting surface for optimum noise attenuation results.

soni SB 700 is a sandwich product consisting of a highly noise-absorbing, hydrophobic polyester non-woven and a soni EVA 6-01 synthetic heavy layer. This combination provides soni SB 700 with very good noise-control effectiveness in terms of both sound insulation and sound absorption. The soni SB 700 noise-control panel is ideal for a wide variety of uses, for instance for making noisy compressors much quieter.

The assembly instructions describe how to build a compressor jacket from soni SB 700 in a few easy steps.

Color: black | Thickness: 32 mm
soni COMPOSITE is a combination product made from our synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and an acoustic foam laminated with a decorative felt layer. This ideal combination ensures a twofold noise-control effect: sound absorption plus sound insulation – for especially high overall effectiveness in reducing the noise level. soni COMPOSITE is particularly suitable for sound-transmission insulation. Mounted on the wall towards the neighbor’s apartment or behind a so-called curtail wall, for instance, our two-layer acoustic product achieves a noticeable noise reduction. For individual design options, you have the choice of various felt colors. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni COMPOSITE to the required size and shape. The self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid.

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)

soni PORTA
Effective and comfortable door insulation with soni PORTAEarsplittingly loud music from your teenager's room, bothersome noise from the hallway, loud phone conversations from the adjacent office, lack of discretion in treatment rooms - wherever closed doors are supposed to provide undisturbed quiet, our door insulation kit is the ideal solution for effective noise reduction.Our soni PORTA solution consists of six precisely fitting elements that form an attractive pattern and are simply glued to the door using the two included installation aids (8 and 10 mm) and our easy-to-understand installation instructions. Thanks to our unique, protected self-adhesive solution, you can remove soni PORTA again from smooth surfaces without leaving any residue, if necessary, for instance when moving out.Elegantly shaped cutouts for the door handle, on the left or right as needed, complete the sophisticated design.Depending on the application, the material has to be mounted either on the inside or on the outside of the door. For this reason, soni PORTA has been designed in two standard heights. It is important to install the door insulation material always on the side of the noise source.soni PORTA is suitable for the sound insulation of any room door with rebate - in private homes as well as in day-care centers, kindergartens, schools, medical facilities, offices, hotels, banks, etc.The soni PORTA elements are made of a combination of two highly effective acoustic materials: a heavy layer and an acoustic foam layer. The heavy layer on the underside of soni PORTA is glued directly to the door leaf, increasing its mass and thus the overall sound insulation effect of the door. The visible side consists of an acoustic foam layer covered with an attractive felt material. The foam’s open cells absorb sound energy. The robust and dirt-repellent felt surface is available in 8 trendy colors. The edges of the elements can be masked with our soni VLD adhesive tape, if desired.For ordering the soundproofing set that fits your door, you will need the outer dimensions of the door leaf. Please measure the width and height of your door leaf on the outside, i.e. on the side in the direction in which your door opens.Please note: If the gap between the door leaf and the floor is too wide, we recommend mounting a door sweep or a door bottom seal. Only when all gaps and openings around the door are closed, perfect soundproofing is possible.

soni SB 700
Our soni SB 700 sound-insulation panel is a two-layer product consisting of a highly sound-absorbing, hydrophobic polyester non-woven and a synthetic heavy layer (soni EVA 6-01). This newly developed combination has both sound-absorbing and sound-insulating capacity with especially high effectiveness in the frequency range of compressors. This makes it the optimum solution for substantially reducing the noise pollution caused by the compressors typically used in heat pumps or air-conditioning systems. In a few simple steps you can build a DIY compressor jacket from our soni SB 700 noise control panels. All you need to do is to measure the compressor’s dimensions and cut corresponding parts from the soni SB 700 acoustic panel with a carpet knife. Then fit the pieces like a shell around the compressor and seal the joints with soni VLC adhesive tape.  Our assembly instructions illustrate the three easy steps to building a compressor shell.

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)


Noise insolation of a door - easy with soni PORTA

Our soni PORTA door insulation set is a very practical and effective noise control solution. It consists of six precision-cut elements that form a visually attractive pattern when glued to the door surface according to the simple installation instructions. soni PORTA is available in eight stylish trend colors. soni PORTA combines a heavy layer that increases the door’s mass and thus its sound insulation effect with a top layer that is made of an acoustic foam with a decorative felt surface for additional noise absorption and even quieter surroundings. Thanks to our unique, newly developed self-adhesive solution, soni PORTA can be removed completely from smooth surfaces without leaving any residue, for instance when you move out.



On request, nearly all our products can be delivered with self-adhesive rear faces, enabling easy, clean and time-saving installation – perfect for retrofit applications in rooms that are already in use.

Noise control

Thanks to their open-cell structure, our noise protection materials absorb sound waves and effectively attenuate bothering noise. A satisfactory result can already be achieved by lining 30 to 50 % of the ceiling and wall surfaces.

Fire protection

Many of our noise-control products are classified as flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13501. Please contact your local authorities in advance for information about the required fire protection class.

Applications for sandwich panels

Machine | Compressor | Utility room
Production hall | Workshop
Wall towards neighbors | Curtain wall