Enhance your clubhouse / banquet hall with our sound absorbers and benefit from:

  • a noticeable reduction of the noise level
  • effective sound conditioning of rooms with high ceilings
  • improved room acoustics
  • an inviting atmosphere for pleasant stays
  • superior speech intelligibility
  • an attractive interior design
Cartridge / Set of 6 or 12 cartridges: cartridge of 310 ml
Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is an ideal adhesive for spot and full-surface fixation of sound-insulation materials and acoustic elements made of open-cell foam, especially melamine and PUR foams. The solvent-free, stable soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE provides excellent adherence to typical building materials, such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood. With the elastoplastic, single-component polymer adhesive, our open-cell foam panels can be glued directly to the wall or ceiling. Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is available in 310-ml-cartridges, in sets of 6 or 12 cartridges. Please note: soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is not suitable for PE foams such as soni RESIST. Keep out of reach of children!

soni COLOR
Color: green
Our soni COLOR sound absorber consists of a white polyester non-woven that is laminated with a subtly structured felt material in attractive trend colors. The acoustic panels set lovely color accents and create a pleasantly quiet atmosphere. For a noticeable improvement of the room's acoustics, we recommend lining 30-50 % of the ceiling / wall surfaces with the acoustic panels, preferably evenly distributed for the best result. The material reduces sound reverberation and makes for a more comfortable ambiance. soni COLOR meets the fire safety requirements for the construction sector as set down in the European standard DIN EN ISO 13501. This means you can use soni COLOR acoustic panels as wall and ceiling liners wherever you need to reduce the noise level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations. soni COLOR can be fixed on smooth and clean surfaces with our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE. If you do not wish to use glue on the entire surface, we suggest using our soni VELCRO TAPE as an alternative fixation method. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€67.80* / 1 m²)

soni COLOR Design
Design: YinYang | Color: pink
Our soni COLOR Design tiles are distinctive, colorful sound absorber panels measuring 618 x 618 mm for convenient insertion into existing standard grid ceilings or Odenwald-system ceilings (OWA). They will turn every ceiling into a highlight of interior design. soni COLOR Design tiles consist of a thermally compressed polyester non-woven with a 3D surface, covered with a thin felt layer in fashionable marbled colors. The product is available in two designs: soni COLOR YinYang and soni COLOR Wave. soni COLOR Design has been tested according to the European fire safety regulations set down in DIN 13501-1 and is classified as flame-retardant. This means you can use soni COLOR Design tiles wherever you need to reduce the noise level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations.

Content: 0.382 m² (€70.42* / 1 m²)

soni COLOR Deluxe
Color: sand
soni COLOR Deluxe is our sound absorber for especially high demands on design and style. It consists of a high-quality, elegant aluminum frame, a white sound-absorbing polyester non-woven layer and a felt cover layer in modern trend colors. This makes soni COLOR Deluxe a unique design element for your wall surfaces because it provides not only effective sound reduction but also enhances the stylish and contemporary look of your rooms. The highly sound-absorbing polyester non-woven inserted into the aluminum frame is flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 and hence fulfils the B1 fire standard required for the construction industry. The visually appealing felt layer is hard-wearing and color-fast and can be replaced at any time if desired. soni COLOR Deluxe is as easy to install on a wall as a picture frame. This means that our elegant sound absorber can be installed in rooms that are already in use and will immediately contribute to a more pleasant and quiet ambience.

Content: 0.5 m² (€379.80* / 1 m²)

Color: orange
soni COLOR RD is our sound absorber in the dimension 620 x 620 mm for convenient insertion into already existing standard grid ceilings or Odenwald-system ceilings (OWA). It consists of a sound-absorbing white polyester non-woven layer laminated with a thin, marbled felt surface in the latest trend colors. soni COLOR RD acoustic elements considerably reduce the noise level in interior spaces and contribute to improving the acoustic conditions in offices, meeting rooms or doctor’s offices. Also schools, daycare centers and kindergartens will strongly profit from the noise reduction effect of soni COLOR RD.  soni COLOR RD meets the fire safety requirements for the construction sector as set down in the DIN EN ISO 13501-1 standard. This means you can use soni COLOR RD acoustic tiles as wall and ceiling liners wherever you need to reduce the noise level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations.  For use as acoustic wall liner, soni COLOR RD tiles can be fixed on smooth and clean surfaces with our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE. If you do not wish to use glue on the entire surface, we suggest using our soni VELCRO TAPE as an alternative fixation method.

Content: 0.384 m² (€59.64* / 1 m²)

Edges: without beveled edges | Thickness: 30 mm
soni COMFORT is a very hard-wearing sound absorber made of a white PES non-woven fabric with exceptionally good sound-absorption capacity. In addition, soni COMFORT offers excellent fire-resistance values. soni COMFORT has been tested successfully according to the DIN 4102 fire safety standard and is classified as fire-retardant (B1). Therefore it is the material of choice for all applications requiring both an effective noise reduction and full compliance with fire safety regulations. When used as a ceiling element, soni COMFORT also fulfills the impact-resistance requirements according to DIN 18032-3 and is ideally suited for use in sports facilities and gymnasiums. What is more, soni COMFORT is aging-resistant, free of mineral fibers and physiologically perfectly safe. All this makes soni COMFORT a true all-rounder for effective sound-conditioning measures in a wide variety of room types. For covering entire wall or ceiling surfaces we recommend using soni COMFORT F. While soni COMFORT has plain edges, soni COMFORT F has beveled edges all around (10 x 10 mm), creating a beautiful visual effect when installed edge to edge. Additional advantage: The resulting pattern helps conceal any uneven patches on the ceiling or wall. If necessary, soni COMFORT and soni COMFORT F can be cut to the desired size and shape with a carpet knife or a keyhole saw with a blade suited to cutting soft materials. For fixing the absorber panels on the wall or ceiling we recommend our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€35.80* / 1 m²)

Color: white
soni COMFORT SD are square acoustic tiles (620 x 620 mm) for convenient insertion into suspended standard grid ceilings or Odenwald-system ceilings (OWA). soni COMFORT SD acoustic elements are made from a very effective sound-absorbing polyester non-woven. Special thermal compaction provides the face side of the white tiles with a smooth and visually attractive surface texture. soni COMFORT SD acoustic tiles considerably reduce the reverberation in a room and contribute to improving the acoustic conditions in offices, conference rooms, waiting areas and other types of interior spaces. soni COMFORT SD is also an effective noise reduction measure for schools, day-care centers, kindergartens or large halls. The resulting improvements in ambient quality make long stays much more pleasant. soni COMFORT SD meets the fire safety requirements for the construction industry as set down in the European standard DIN EN ISO 13501-1. This means that you can use soni COMFORT SD acoustic panels as ceiling liners wherever you need to reduce the noise level with materials that meet strict fire safety regulations.   Practical tip: If you wish to liven up your ceiling, we recommend using soni COMFORT SD in combination with our grid-ceiling tiles soni COLOR or soni COLOR design in many stylish colors – for a distinctive surface design that turns your ceiling into a true eye-catcher. 

Content: 0.384 m² (€51.82* / 1 m²)

soni CUBE
Color: light grey | Size: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Our soni CUBE seat cubes are sound absorbers of a special kind, because in addition to effective sound-conditioning of interior spaces, they score with excellent seating comfort. The core of the cubes consists of a highly effective acoustic absorber. The outer shell is made from a dirt-resistant, abrasion-proof and flame-retardant felt material available in the latest trend colors.  The product’s very good sound-absorption capacity makes soni CUBE perfect for all rooms where an effective sound-insulation solution with additional practical and aesthetic value is wanted. As it ideally combines noise reduction, seating comfort and even playability, this product is a great furniture item for children's rooms, daycare centers, kindergartens or waiting rooms. But the cubes can also be used as (doubly) functional and decorative furnishing elements for exhibition booths and lounges. soni CUBE can be placed individually, grouped or stacked. If you like, you can insert a metal spiral (available from soniflex) into one of the corners and suspend your soni CUBE from the ceiling using a rope or hook – an easy and effective installation method.



Reduction of the noise level in multi-purpose halls | clubhouses

A nice occasion to celebrate with plenty of guests - but unfortunately crowded rooms also usually suffer from a very high noise level, which makes relaxed chatting difficult and impacts the festive atmosphere. An experience that we all share!

Acoustic products from soniflex provide a simple remedy. Acoustic absorbers in various sizes, designs and colors can be used to optimize the acoustics of event halls and clubhouses of any size and, what is more, add to their visual appeal. With this measure in place, concerts, celebrations or informal get-togethers will be twice as much fun.

For improved room acoustics, we recommend lining part of the ceiling and the walls with sound-absorbing materials. If additional measures are necessary, sound absorbers can also be installed under tables and seats for even more noise reduction.


Noise reduction in a club room

A soccer club in Leipzig, Germany, had the ceiling of their club room sound-proofed. Here’s their report:
During meetings or other events, the noise level in our club room was just insufferably high. It was all but impossible to have a quiet talk or focus on a discussion. The more people were present in the room, the worse the noise became.
Our club room is on the upper floor of our club house: a supplementary story built of prefabricated concrete elements. Now that we have installed 500x500x25 mm soni PROTECT white sound protection panels (regular sheet size 1000 x 500 cut into two pieces) the noise level is absolutely tolerable even when many persons are present in the club room.

Noise reduction in a club house

Here’s what a tennis club near Ulm, Germany, wrote us about the result of a noise reduction measure in their club house:
Since our club house is occasionally rented out for private functions and parties, we urgently needed to implement some kind of sound protection measure. Because of the high ceilings and the sound-reflecting tiled floors and large window panes, the reverberation level was simply too high. When many guests were present, the noise level was unpleasantly high. Now the soni PROTECT sound absorber panels installed on the sloping ceiling and on the upper part of the walls are absorbing the noise, leading to a substantially reduced reverberation level in our club house. For the ceiling we used various special sizes of soni PROTECT panels available in the Special offer rubric on the soniflex homepage.

Reduced noise level in function room

Acoustic conditioning and noise reduction in the public function room .
The problem: Right after its inauguration, the new multi-purpose function hall of a French municipality turned out to present a noise problem - the high degree of reverberation owing to the large window panes and the high ceiling had a negative impact on the atmosphere and led to a high noise level which became unbearable at any function involving a certain number of people. It was hard to listen to speeches or keeping up a conversation without shouting.
The task: Define and implement acoustic improvement measures in line with the applicable fire safety regulations.
The solution: White 50-mm thick soni PROTECT F noise reduction panels were installed on the ceiling to minimize reverberation, a very effective measure that limited the noise level during events to a tolerable level. As the soni PROTECT F acoustic panels comply with the requirements of the der B1 fire safety standard (flame retardant), noise reduction could be realized without compromising fire safety. The sound protection elements were glued to the ceiling using the soniflex special adhesive for noise reduction panels.