Noise-control retrofit measures for walls or ceilings (drywall construction)

Many people will know the problem: After having bought a property you realize that the noise insulation in the building leaves a lot to be desired. This can happen with commercial properties as well as with residential buildings. But here too, retrofit sound insulation measures are a good option: All that is needed are our soniflex products and some manual skill to create an acoustically effective curtain wall (plasterboard) for walls and/or ceilings.

For sound insulation in drywall constructions we specifically recommend the following products:

soni COMPOSITE: This is a high-quality combination product made from our soni EVA synthetic heavy layer and an acoustic foam layer that is laminated with a decorative felt surface. These materials complement each other perfectly in acoustic terms and ensure that the product provides both a sound-absorbing and sound-insulating effect, making it the perfect sound insulation for drywall-type curtain walls.

soni 491 STL: This acoustically effective noise-control panel consists of a PUR foam in combination with a heavy layer. Its outstanding sound absorption values and excellent sound insulation efficiency make it the ideal product for retrofit noise-control measures on the walls or ceilings of all kinds of buildings, ensuring a significant reduction in noise. soni 491 STL can be used for so-called cavity damping, which means that it is mounted in the empty space behind a curtain wall. Typical applications for soni 491 STL are retrofit measures for the acoustic insulation of walls, partition walls or ceilings.

Advantages of our soni products for retrofit sound insulation measures

The different soniflex products recommended for drywall-type retrofit measures for the effective sound insulation of walls and ceilings score with excellent sound insulation values and outstanding sound absorption capacity. In addition to significant noise reduction and effective sound insulation, our materials installed on walls and/or ceiling will also provide thermal insulation and hence considerable energy saving benefits. Thanks to their outstanding quality, our soni COMPOSITE and soni 491 STL sound insulation panels are not only particularly robust, but also offer high ageing stability.

Sound insulation in drywall constructions – special tips for perfect outcomes

For the retrofit sound insulation of a dividing wall between apartments or neighboring terraced houses, we recommend the construction of a curtain wall behind which
soni 491 STL inserted. Our soni 491 STL sound insulation panel is a highly effective sound insulation product combining a bitumen heavy layer with a PUR foam that is additionally protected by a micro-perforated film.

For acoustic decoupling and to prevent sound bridges, we suggest applying our soni NBR sealing tape to the slats of the curtain wall.

As an alternative, you can use our noise-control products soni COMPOSITE , a high-quality acoustic foam with very good sound absorption and sound insulation efficiency.

Key features of soni 491 STL and soni COMPOSITE:

  • Excellent sound insulation values 
  • Good sound absorption capacity
  • Additional energy-saving thermal insulation effect when used as wall or ceiling liner 
  • High ageing stability 
  • Free of mineral fibers, physiologically safe

Do you have specific questions about sound insulation measures for walls and ceilings or would you like to find out more about our products? We will be happy to provide you with expert advice and practical assistance.
Cartridge / Set of 6 or 12 cartridges: cartridge of 310 ml
Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is an ideal adhesive for spot and full-surface fixation of sound-insulation materials and acoustic elements made of open-cell foam, especially melamine and PUR foams. The solvent-free, stable soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE provides excellent adherence to typical building materials, such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood. With the elastoplastic, single-component polymer adhesive, our open-cell foam panels can be glued directly to the wall or ceiling. Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is available in 310-ml-cartridges, in sets of 6 or 12 cartridges. Please note: soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is not suitable for PE foams such as soni RESIST. Keep out of reach of children!

soni 491 STL
Our soni 491/STL noise-control panel is a highly effective sound-insulation product based on PUR foam, equipped with a micro-perforated surface film and additionally with a heavy layer. This clever combination of two different acoustic materials ensures both sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties in one product. soni 491 STL is suitable, for example, for boosting the sound insulation effectivity of a wall, partition wall or ceiling. Advice on building a curtain wall: For a curtain wall, dowel wooden laths of 30 or 50 mm thickness to the wall. Ideally, an elastic layer is placed between the wall and the laths to prevent sound bridges. Our soni NBR sealing tape is the ideal solution for such an elastic mounting. Then insert our sound-absorber product soni 491 STL in the empty spaces between the laths and cover them with plaster boards or particle boards screwed to the laths. For even more effective sound absorption, soni 491 STL can be mounted on the wooden laths (30 mm) instead of being applied directly on the wall. The resulting air gap acts as an extra sound insulation. To optimize the curtain wall you can "decouple" the plaster board / particle board from the floor and ceiling as well as the adjacent walls by filling the edge joints with acrylic.For an example of a curtain wall construction for noise insulation purposes, please see the testimonial "Neighbors / Curtain Walling”.  If you do not have the tools and/or the time to cover the sound-insulation panels with plasterboard or chipboard, we recommend our soni COMPOSITE as an alternative sound-insulation material. In contrast to soni 491 STL, soni COMPOSITE scores with a stylish decorative felt surface that is available in different colors and excellent for visible sound-conditioning materials.

Content: 0.5 m² (€39.80* / 1 m²)

Color: black | Thickness: 32 mm
Order your soundproofing panel from soniflex soni COMPOSITE is a combination product made from our synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and an acoustic foam laminated with a decorative felt layer. This ideal combination ensures a twofold noise-control effect: sound absorption plus sound insulation – for especially high overall effectiveness in reducing the noise level. Applications for soni COMPOSITE soni COMPOSITE is particularly suitable for sound-transmission insulation. Mounted on the wall towards the neighbor’s apartment or behind a so-called curtail wall, for instance, our two-layer acoustic product achieves a noticeable noise reduction. For individual design options, you have the choice of various felt colors. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni COMPOSITE to the required size and shape. The self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid.

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)

soni NBR sealing tape
Order your sealing tape from soniflex Our sealing tape is one of various products that can be used for sealing off specific areas or decoupling different elements from each other: an ideal and easy to use solution! soni NBR sealing tape is a closed-cell sealing material produced on the basis of NBR. Sealing tape from soniflex offers you a high level of safety, reliability and quality that you can rely on! Properties of soni NBR sealing tapeThe self-adhesive sealing tape is made of a closed-cell material and scores with a range of specific properties that make it particularly versatile to use. This sealing tape can withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees and also offers a high level of safety and reliability. Thanks to its self-adhesive equipment, the application of soni NBR sealing tape is quick and easy. The high adhesive strength ensures a secure and reliable application. The sealing tape comes in 40 mm wide rolls and can be cut to the desired length with the appropriate tool. Each roll contains five meters of tape. The use of soni NBR sealing tapeA typical application of soni NBR is in the construction of a curtain wall, where the tape is used to acoustically decouple the wooden lathing. As our product is suitable for contact with oils, e.g. engine oil, our sealing and decoupling tape has also proven its effectiveness and practical use in many technical areas, for instance in vehicles, machines, housings, hoods and other areas for many years now. What is more, our soni NBR is extremely resistant to deformation and wear, which makes it much more durable than other products in this field. The self-adhesive rear face makes installation fast and easy. Do you have any questions about our soni NBR sealing tape or other products from our soniflex shop? If so, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Content: 5 m (€1.58* / 1 m)



On request, nearly all our products can be delivered with self-adhesive rear faces, enabling easy, clean and time-saving installation – perfect for retrofit applications in rooms that are already in use.

Noise control

Thanks to their open-cell structure, our noise protection materials absorb sound waves and effectively attenuate bothering noise. A satisfactory result can already be achieved by lining 30 to 50 % of the ceiling and wall surfaces.

Fire protection

Many of our noise-control products are classified as flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 or DIN EN 13501. Please contact your local authorities in advance for information about the required fire protection class.

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