soni CUBE

Stylish acoustic cube

  • 2-in-1 product: comfortable seating and acoustic optimization
  • Large choice of attractive trend colors
  • Abrasion-proof and dirt-resistant outer shell


Content: 1 piece(s)
Prod. no. H80290201

Available in 15 days, delivery time 2-5 days

Our soni CUBE seat cubes are sound absorbers of a special kind, because in addition to effective sound-conditioning of interior spaces, they score with excellent seating comfort.

The core of the cubes consists of a highly effective acoustic absorber. The outer shell is made from a dirt-resistant, abrasion-proof and flame-retardant felt material available in the latest trend colors.

The product’s very good sound-absorption capacity makes soni CUBE perfect for all rooms where an effective sound-insulation solution with additional practical and aesthetic value is wanted. As it ideally combines noise reduction, seating comfort and even playability, this product is a great furniture item for children's rooms, daycare centers, kindergartens or waiting rooms. But the cubes can also be used as (doubly) functional and decorative furnishing elements for exhibition booths and lounges.

soni CUBE can be placed individually, grouped or stacked. If you like, you can insert a metal spiral (available from soniflex) into one of the corners and suspend your soni CUBE from the ceiling using a rope or hook – an easy and effective installation method.
Technical data
Acoustic benefits: sound absorption
Applications: Living space | Staircase
Clubhouse | Banquet hall
Kindergarten | School
Hospitality | Lunchroom
Waiting rooms | Doctor's office
Sound studio | Rehearsal room
Office | Call center
Basic material: melamine foam (Basotect ®)
Color: light grey
dark grey
Flammability: DIN 4102, flame retardant
FMVSS 302, automotive fire safety standard
DIN EN 13501-1, flame retardant
Note: Can support up to 100 kg
easy handling
Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk)
Size: 400 x 400 x 400 mm
200 x 200 x 200 mm
Type of application: Ceiling absorber
Mobile absorber
Weight: 130 g
800 g
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soniflex foam suspension spirals (24 pieces)
Acoustic baffles are hung from the ceiling by means of foam-suspension spirals (mind. 50 mm). They are easily inserted into the sheets and can be suspended by means of the eyelets on a wire rope or suspended from hooks.The eyelets can be bent open to serve as hooks. Dimensions: diameter 15 mm, total length 80 mm, length of the coils 69 mm A kit consists of 24 spirals.

Content: 24 piece(s) (€1.04* / 1 piece(s))