soni 1116 ALG

Glass fiber mat with heat-resistant aluminium surface

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent heat insulation effect
  • Oil- and water-repellent surface


Content: 0.5 m² (€45.80* / 1 m²)
Prod. no. H80111601

Available, delivery time 2-5 days


soni 1116 ALG SK is a two-component material for heat protection and acoustic insulation: The heat-resistant surface layer is made from a high-quality aluminum foil and reliably reflects heat radiation. The bottom layer consists in a quilted glass fiber mat, which is responsible for the heat insulation effect as well as for the sound-insulation properties.

Our soni 1116 ALG SK is optimally suited for use in the hot zones of vehicles and machines. When mechanically fixed, the acoustically effective insulation mat withstands temperatures of up to 600°C. The aluminum surface doubles as barrier preventing the penetration of oil, water and fuel. The material meets the fire safety standards for the automotive industry as set down in FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200.

Simply use a carpet knife to cut soni 1116 ALG SK to the required size and shape. The optional self-adhesive rear face facilitates the installation of the panels. 

Technical data
Applications: Car | Motor | Boat
Machine | Compressor | Utility room
Basic material: glass fiber mat laminated with a heat resistant aluminum foil
Color: silver
Flammability: FMVSS 302, automotive fire safety standard
Note: oil- and water-resistant
easy handling
flammability details see technical data sheet
Rear face: self-adhesive (sk)
Size: 1000 x 500 mm
Temperature resistance: -40°C to +120°C, without mechanical fixation
-40°C to +600°C, with mechanical fixation
Thickness: 4 mm
Type of application: Products for technical applications
Weight: 400 g
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soni ALU-01
Our soni ADHESIVE TAPES are ideal for masking edges, covering and protecting fragile surfaces as well as for concealing joints and cracks. They score with excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates. Thanks to their wide range of applications, our soni ADHESIVE TAPES have become a bestseller in professional and private contexts. soni ALU-01 ADHESIVE TAPE is an aluminum-based adhesive tape that adheres very well to smooth, clean and grease-free surfaces. Its scrim reinforcement makes for extra tear-resistance. This adhesive tape is the perfect fit for our acoustic products soni HEAVY ALU and soni 1116 ALG.

Content: 10 m (€0.95* / 1 m)