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soniflex is a brand of Cellofoam International GmbH & Co. KG, a well-known German specialist that, ever since the company’s foundation in 1963, has done extensive pioneering work in the field of sound insulation and sound absorption at the highest technical level. Year after year, Cellofoam products earn the trust of over 1,600 industrial customers in more than 70 countries. As a leading specialist for noise control in non-automotive areas, the company offers customized solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our soniflex brand provides private and commercial customers with direct access to the pioneering products of Cellofoam GmbH & Co. KG. Now you too can benefit from Cellofoam's wealth of know-how and experience. The mission of soniflex is to offer effective noise control solutions for every noise problem within the shortest possible time.

A history of continuous innovation - for you

soniflex attaches great importance to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The guiding line in our history is continuous development and expansion, both in terms of our product range and our geographical availability. We know about the importance of noise control in today's world and work hard to offer our customers the best, most efficient and innovative solutions.

As the basis of our first-class sound insulation and sound absorption products, we use advanced non-wovens and foam materials. Our product and services range includes customized components, acoustic expertise and first-class sealing materials.

soniflex offers you:

  • High-quality sound insulation and sound attenuation products made from foams and non-wovens
  • Customized sets of parts, packaged to suit your operational requirements
  • Extensive acoustic expertise combined with detailed knowledge of the requirements that our materials will have to meet in the end customers’ applications (e.g. fire safety)
  • High-quality gaskets and seals
  • Matching adhesive tapes for covering edges and joints, and for sealing pipe seams  
  • Fast quote preparation and order processing
  • Short delivery times
  • Range of related products, such as roller shutter impact protection

A company's ability to innovate is best reflected in the extent to which it is able to anticipate market demand by recognizing the future need for improved products and developing solutions ready for series production. As suppliers of high-quality sound insulation products for mechanical engineering and vehicle construction as well as other dynamic industries, Cellofoam and soniflex have long since adapted their processes to today’s fast innovation cycles.

At the cutting edge of technology

The state-of-the-art machinery and systems in our production plants ensure precise and efficient manufacturing processes. At soniflex, we use modern technology to deliver first-class results, from 3D contour and waterjet cutting to extensive acoustic measuring and testing facilities. Our development engineers are constantly working on optimizing our material combinations and our innovative process technologies.

Our technological equipment includes:

  • Equipment for foam finishing (Cello® process)
  • Equipment for molding and densifying foams, laminated materials and non-wovens
  • 3D contour cutting equipment and water-jet cutting machines
  • Wide variety of cutting, die-cutting and trimming equipment, also for cutting sealing strips
  • Laboratory equipped with comprehensive instrumentation for mechanical, acoustical and fire-safety tests
  • Reverberation room for acoustic measurements
  • Processing units for flame and dry-adhesive lamination
  • Thermal conductivity meter, facility for cyclic climate tests, FTIR spectrometer for analyzing material composition

Wide range of applications for soniflex materials

soniflex offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for sound insulation and acoustic optimization. Our products are used in call centers and offices to create a pleasant working atmosphere and facilitate communication. They help reduce noise and improve room acoustics in restaurants and cafeterias.

Our solutions also have an essential role to play in technical environments such as production halls and workshops by optimizing working conditions and reducing noise levels. In private homes, soniflex products are used to sustainably increase comfort through improved room acoustics and insulation against exterior noises.

Many decades of experience

In 1976, Cellofoam GmbH bought a hot-embossing machine and extended its business activities to include “technical noise control”. Ever since, we have continuously expanded our expertise in this field: from the raw materials to the finished product - the expert knowledge of our qualified employees is the basis of every development and production step.

In 2004 Cellofoam started its international expansion and today has subsidiaries in Turkey and the Czech Republic as well as international joint ventures in Poland, France and Austria. Our constant growth is a sign of our ability to respond proactively to market requirements and create innovative solutions. In 2008, Cellofoam founded its new soniflex business area: a web shop that caters to the noise-control needs of private customers and small commercial operations

We at soniflex are proud to be part of the international Cellofoam family of over 200 employees. At our web shop everything is based on our strong commitment to high-quality goods and the best service for our customers, always with environmental protection in mind. The mission of soniflex is not “only” to meet our customers' needs and expectations, but to exceed them by investing in proactive research and development.

Your web shop for noise-control products

  • Top-quality products directly from the German manufacturer
  • More than 60 years of experience in development and manufacturing
  • Excellent service & consultancy (several languages spoken)
  • Fast order processing within 24 h (Mo - Fr)
  • Safe delivery (parcel service)
  • DIN ISO 9001 certified noise-control products

Why not contact us right away?

As a Cellofoam brand, soniflex stands for top quality, constant innovation and excellent customer care. Thanks to our comprehensive specialist knowledge and technological expertise in the field of sound insulation and attenuation, we are the ideal partner for your noise-control needs. We are doing everything we can to extend our long success story into the future and stay at the leading edge of the industry thanks to our ongoing focus on the needs of our customers.

For further details and/or personal consultation, please contact us at any time. We will work with you to develop acoustic solutions that meet your individual requirements.

Your contacts at soniflex:

Petra Engelniederhammer
Phone: +49 73 51 - 340 28 62

Zübeyde Çelik Arıkan
Phone: +49 7351 340 28 61