soni PORTA

Door sound insulation kit - removable exclusive from soniflex

  • Easy mounting thanks to self-adhesive rear layer
  • Effective and visually appealing sound insulation solution
  • Residue-free removal thanks to our protected special adhesive
Application to the door leaf
Standard door dimensions


Content: 1 set
Prod. no. H80400047

Available in 15 days, delivery time 2-5 days

Effective and comfortable door insulation with soni PORTA

Earsplittingly loud music from your teenager's room, bothersome noise from the hallway, loud phone conversations from the adjacent office, lack of discretion in treatment rooms - wherever closed doors are supposed to provide undisturbed quiet, our door insulation kit is the ideal solution for effective noise reduction.

Our soni PORTA solution consists of six precision-fit elements that form an attractive pattern and are simply glued to the door with the help of the included installation aid and our easy-to-understand installation instructions. Thanks to our unique, protected self-adhesive solution, you can remove soni PORTA again completely without leaving any residue, if necessary, for instance when moving out.

Elegantly shaped cutouts for the door handle, on the left or right as needed, complete the sophisticated design.

Depending on the application, the material has to be mounted either on the inside or on the outside of the door. For this reason, soni PORTA has been designed in two standard heights. It is important to install the door insulation material always on the side of the noise source.

soni PORTA is suitable for the sound insulation of any room door with rebate - in private homes as well as in day-care centers, kindergartens, schools, medical facilities, offices, hotels, banks, etc.

The soni PORTA elements are made of a combination of two highly effective acoustic materials: a heavy layer and an acoustic foam layer. The heavy layer on the underside of soni PORTA is glued directly to the door leaf, increasing its mass and thus the overall sound insulation effect of the door. The visible side consists of an acoustic foam layer covered with an attractive felt material. The foam’s open cells absorb sound energy. The robust and dirt-repellent felt surface is available in 8 trendy colors. The edges of the elements can be masked with our soni VLD adhesive tape, if desired.

For ordering the soundproofing set that fits your door, you will need the outer dimensions of the door leaf. Please measure the width and height of your door leaf on the outside, i.e. on the side in the direction in which your door opens.

Please note: If the gap between the door leaf and the floor is too wide, we recommend mounting a door sweep or a door bottom seal. Only when all gaps and openings around the door are closed, perfect soundproofing is possible.
Technical data
Acoustic benefits: sound insulating
sound insulation and sound absorption
sound absorption
Applications: Living space | Staircase
Waiting areas
Basic material: heavy foil
PUR foam
Color: light grey
dark grey
Note: Only complete kits may be sent back. Elements that have already been glued to a door or where the cover film of the self-adhesive layer has been removed cannot be returned.
Rear face: self-adhesive (sk)
Thickness: 52 mm
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soni VLD
Our soni VLD felt tapes are ideal for neatly masking edges or taping over joints of our range of colored acoustic products.The attractive surface in appealing trend colors makes our adhesive tapes also a popular material for handicrafts or decorating.The adhesive tapes are available in the same colors as our sound absorbers soni COLOR, soni COLOR RD, soni ELEMENT, soni DESK PARTITION, soni ROOM DIVIDER and soni PORTA.Our soni VLD felt tapes score with a high adhesive strength and excellent durability. The inserted scrim reinforcement prevents stretching.

Variants from €16.90*

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