Enhance your car / motor / boat hall with our sound absorbers and benefit from:

  • optimum thermal insulation
  • reliable protection against the infiltration of oil and fuel
  • effective sound insulation of sheet metal
  • reduced vibration and booming (anti-drumming layer)
  • a significant noise reduction inside your vehicle
  • a reliable heat shield for hot areas
Cartridge / Set of 6 or 12 cartridges: cartridge of 310 ml
Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is an ideal adhesive for spot and full-surface fixation of sound-insulation materials and acoustic elements made of open-cell foam, especially melamine and PUR foams. The solvent-free, stable soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE provides excellent adherence to typical building materials, such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood. With the elastoplastic, single-component polymer adhesive, our open-cell foam panels can be glued directly to the wall or ceiling. Our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is available in 310-ml-cartridges, in sets of 6 or 12 cartridges. Please note: soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE is not suitable for PE foams such as soni RESIST. Keep out of reach of children!

soni 1116 ALG
Thickness: 4 mm
soni 1116 ALG SK is a two-component material for heat protection and acoustic insulation: The heat-resistant surface layer is made from a high-quality aluminum foil and reliably reflects heat radiation. The bottom layer consists in a quilted glass fiber mat, which is responsible for the heat insulation effect as well as for the sound-insulation properties. Our soni 1116 ALG SK is optimally suited for use in the hot zones of vehicles and machines. When mechanically fixed, the acoustically effective insulation mat withstands temperatures of up to 600°C. The aluminum surface doubles as barrier preventing the penetration of oil, water and fuel. The material meets the fire safety standards for the automotive industry as set down in FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200. Simply use a carpet knife to cut soni 1116 ALG SK to the required size and shape. The optional self-adhesive rear face facilitates the installation of the panels. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€45.80* / 1 m²)

soni 471 SK
Thickness: 10 mm
Ordering acoustic panels from soniflex soni 471 SK is a sound absorber made from PUR- foam. In a thermal embossing process its surface has not only been provided with an attractive diamond pattern, but also compacted and sealed, making it very robust and dirt-resistant. What is more, the air-permeable embossing improves the material’s acoustic effectiveness - especially in the frequency range of engine noise. Uses for soni 471 SK Our soni 471 SK acoustic foam scores with high hydrolysis resistance and is predominantly used in the automotive industry. For instance, soni 471 SK is ideally suited for use as sound-absorbing and heat-insulating interior lining in mobile homes, vintage and classic cars or other vehicles. It meets the fire safety standards for the automotive industry as set down in FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200.   soni 471 SK is easy to cut to the desired size and shape with a carpet knife. Its low weight as well as the optional self-adhesive rear face make for easy and time-saving installation of the material. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€21.80* / 1 m²)

soni 491 SK
Thickness: 10 mm
soni 491 SK is a PUR acoustic foam coated with a micro-perforated film. The sound-permeable film prevents the penetration of dirt and liquids and can be wiped clean. Our soni 491 SK acoustic foam has proven its effectiveness in many years of practical use, successfully minimizing noise levels and providing thermal insulation in engine compartments and vehicle interiors. It meets the fire safety standards for the automotive industry as set down in FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200. Also for the insulation of your roller shutter box we can recommend the PUR foam without restrictions.  soni 491 SK scores with high hydrolysis resistance and hence significantly higher aging stability.The material is easy to cut to the desired size and shape with a carpet knife. Moreover, the self-adhesive rear face makes installation fast and easy. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€27.80* / 1 m²)

soni ALU-01
Length of reel: 10 m | Width: 40 mm
Our soni ADHESIVE TAPES are ideal for masking edges, covering and protecting fragile surfaces as well as for concealing joints and cracks. They score with excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates. Thanks to their wide range of applications, our soni ADHESIVE TAPES have become a bestseller in professional and private contexts. soni ALU-01 ADHESIVE TAPE is an aluminum-based adhesive tape that adheres very well to smooth, clean and grease-free surfaces. Its scrim reinforcement makes for extra tear-resistance. This adhesive tape is the perfect fit for our acoustic products soni HEAVY ALU and soni 1116 ALG.

Content: 10 m (€0.95* / 1 m)

Color: black | Thickness: 32 mm
Order your soundproofing panel from soniflex soni COMPOSITE is a combination product made from our synthetic soni EVA heavy layer and an acoustic foam laminated with a decorative felt layer. This ideal combination ensures a twofold noise-control effect: sound absorption plus sound insulation – for especially high overall effectiveness in reducing the noise level. Applications for soni COMPOSITE soni COMPOSITE is particularly suitable for sound-transmission insulation. Mounted on the wall towards the neighbor’s apartment or behind a so-called curtail wall, for instance, our two-layer acoustic product achieves a noticeable noise reduction. For individual design options, you have the choice of various felt colors. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni COMPOSITE to the required size and shape. The self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid.

Content: 0.5 m² (€65.80* / 1 m²)

soni DECOR
Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk) | Thickness: 30 mm
Our soni DECOR acoustic foam consists of polyurethane- foam laminated with a sound-absorbing non-woven surface layer. The black polyester non-woven is extremely robust as well as oil- and fuel-repellent. Due to the resistant non-woven surface, soni DECOR is widely used in technical applications. For instance, soni DECOR is ideally suited for use as sound-absorbing and heat-insulating interior lining in mobile homes, classic cars or other vehicles. Also in your home workshop, soni DECOR will achieve an effective noise reduction. Using a carpet knife, you can cut soni DECOR to the required size and shape. The material’s low weight as well as the optional self-adhesive rear face make for easy and time-saving installation. For fixing the non self-adhesive version we recommend our soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE The premium soni DECOR soundproofing panel scores not only with its excellent sound-absorbing properties, but also with its outstanding quality. The first-class acoustic foam contributes to optimum noise reduction in all kinds of indoor and technical areas and provides optimum sound absorption efficiency. The DECOR sound-absorbing panel is particularly recommended for noise reduction in production halls, workshops, rehearsal rooms and recording studios. Also for reducing the noise emitted by vehicles or machines as well as in engine compartments, the soni DECOR noise absorption panel is the product of choice. Do you have questions about our soni DECOR soundproofing panel? Please feel free to contact us. We shall be pleased to provide help and advice!

Content: 0.5 m² (€31.80* / 1 m²)

soni EVA
Rear face: not self-adhesive (nk) | Thickness: 1.5 mm
soni EVA is a soft, elastic heavy layer on the basis of EPDM/EVA polymers with an admixture of flame-retardant minerals. Our soni EVA heavy layer is suitable specifically for technical applications, vehicles and machinery. It is designed to eliminate vibrations and drumming of sheet metal and metal parts. Applied to a metal structure, soni EVA will effectively reduce the sound level and prevent the transmission of noise and vibration. For soni EVA, the optional self-adhesive equipment of the rear face serves primarily as an installation aid. In the case of installation on a vertical surface or on a ceiling, we recommend additional mechanical fixation. 

Content: 0.5 m² (€27.80* / 1 m²)



Noise and heat insulation for cars | motorhomes | boats

When using motorized vehicles, loud engine noises, constant roaring or annoying clattering sounds often put an end to driving fun. Especially older vehicles often generate unnervingly loud noises. The remedy of choice here is to install heavy layers or a robust sound insulation material to prevent sheet metal parts, such as the vehicle’s floor or doors, from booming and vibrating. Our sound-deadening layers will stop sound waves from spreading throughout the vehicle. Thanks to their low thickness, our heavy layers (anti-drumming panels) soni HEAVY and soni EVA can be used also in places where space is limited.

We offer effective sound insulation solutions designed to meet the special requirements in vehicles, mobile homes and boats. soniflex acoustic products and soniflex acoustic foams score with excellent sound insulation properties while providing also insulation against heat or cold - and meeting the automotive flammability standard acc. to FMVSS 302.

A heat shield made of soni 1116 ALG, for instance, is suitable for use in engine compartments, the areas around and above the exhaust system and the catalyst, as well as any other places that need to be protected from radiant heat. Owing to its high temperature resistance of up to 450 °C, the glass-fiber material is the preferred solution for areas of the transmission tunnel and the exhaust tract. In the case of large vehicles, such as tractors, or where there is a particularly large amount of heat being emitted by the engine, soni 1116 ALG can provide optimal insulation against heat propagation between the engine compartment and the vehicle’s interior. In addition, the aluminum surface offers excellent protection against the penetration of oil, water and other liquids.


Sound insulation of a car/ motor

One of our clients tells us about sound-proofing his car: For the sound insulation of the motor compartment of a Caterham Super Seven, the acoustic panels soni WAVE, 30 mm, without self-adhesive rear face, were applied to the inside of the car body in the motor compartment. The result: Very satisfactory!!

Our recommendation for soundproofing a car or vehicle:
If there are any openings between motor compartment and passenger compartment, we recommend sealing them, because even small gaps affect the sound insulation. Please note: soni WAVE is resistant against cold and heat from -40°C to +100°C.

Sound-proofing of a vehicle

One client used our material to sound-proof his vehicle’s interior. Here’s what he told us:

To sound-proof the interior of my car I bought 50-mm thick soni WAVE sound absorbing panels and installed them on different surfaces inside the vehicle. The sound absorber foam with its undulated surface attenuates any sounds and reduces the noise level inside the vehicle to a point where it is perfectly comfortable.

Sound-deadening of a boat engine

Our client writes about his experiences with sound-deadening a boat engine:

In the scope of the complete overhaul of my 40-year old cabin cruiser I replaced the inefficient four-cylinder engine with a Mercedes-built diesel engine. My biggest worry was how to sound-proof the engine because the only thing separating it from the driver's cabin was a maintenance access cover.

So I built an accurately fitting engine cover out of 16-mm plywood and lined the entire engine compartment as well as the cover with soni WAVE sound insulation panels 50 mm not self-adhesive. To fix the material on the wood, I used soniflex special adhesive. The sound-insulation panels were very easy to cut with an ordinary carpet knife or a handsaw.

Diesel engines are known to cause quite a lot of noise in a rather unpleasant frequency range. I was positively surprised how much of the noise the soniflex noise control panels managed to absorb.

At the moment, the boat with the sound-proofed engine still sits on a trailer in the boathouse. A friend, with whom I shared the sound-deadening material ordered from soniflex, told me that the noise level would be further reduced once the boat was in the water. I am truly impressed with the effectiveness of your soni WAVE sound insulation panels in sound-proofing a boat engine and will gladly recommend your product.

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