Sound insulation Recording Studio

Sound insulation of a private rehearsal room/ recording studio

About sound-proofing a private recording studio one client wrote:

To complete the equipment of my small private recording studio, I covered part of the ceiling with sound-absorbing soni PROTECT 500x500x50mm. (Note soniflex: then available as a special offer) acoustic panels, creating a decorative pattern of rows of 4 panels each. In the corners I added soni TRAPEZ acoustic elements.

soni PROTECT and soni TRAPEZ are made from acoustically effective foam material that absorbs mainly sound waves in the middle to upper frequency range, for instance guitar sound. The recording studio is adjacent to the house of my parents. Thanks to the sound insulation measure I can now play my guitar without causing nuisance to the neighbors. The sound-absorbing effect of Basotect ® acoustic foam substantially reduces the reverberation level in my recording studio.

Sound insulation of a band rehearsal room

Following the successful sound conditioning of their rehearsal room, a youth brass band wrote us the following letter:

The room acoustics in our rehearsal room were a real problem. When rehearsing with the entire band, we have about 30 wind instruments and 4 drum sets in the room. The sound volume was sometimes unbearably high because the sound was fully reflected by the hard surface of the ceiling. Reverberation was extreme. When looking for a solution to our noise problem on the Internet, we found the company soniflex and their sound protection products. We repeatedly talked on the phone with the soniflex sales team who provided us with detailed information and useful advice. The product they suggested - soni PROTECT F acoustic foam – proved to be just the right sound protection solution to our problem.

In early September 2011 we covered the ceiling and part of the walls with the sound-deadening panels. Already while working on the project we noticed that the acoustics in the rehearsal room were progressively improving. And at the first rehearsal all band members were surprised and thrilled by the now excellent acoustic properties of the room. Besides an extreme reduction of the sound reflection on the ceiling, we achieved a very comfortable sound volume so that we can now clearly distinguish the sound of every single instrument. The voice of the conductor, too, can now easily be heard right back to the last row of musicians (drummers). As an additional sound-proofing measure, we put carpeting underneath the drum set to adapt its loudness to the overall soundscape.

We are also very pleased with the quality of the sound protection product used. Fixing the sound protection panels on the wall with soniflex special adhesive was very easy and effective. We are completely satisfied with the sound adsorption effect of the soni PROTECT F sound-deadening panels and will gladly recommend them.

Note: Strictly speaking, the above-described application is not a matter of sound insulation but of sound attenuation/deadening.